I want to feed one blog into another

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    I have two blogs with the same content. (Yes, I realize that’s kind of weird. I want to have two doorways to the same content for two very different types of readers.)

    I have been manually posting to both, but I’d like to make one the primary blog and have the other one get its posts by automatically grabbing them from the primary blog. Possible?

    The blog I need help with is galileounchained.com.


    Not at wordpress.com it is not since that is a standard technique used by sploggers (spam bloggers). WordPress doesn’t do anything that will directly support sploggers.

    The other thing that you should realize is that by having two sites with duplicate content on the web, the two sites are competing with one another for the same content with the search engines and that means that both of them are going to have way lower search engine ranking than if there was only one.

    Just something to think about.



    Staff have specifically said that if you have two blogs, one or more of which is here, and the content is identical, that you must set the one here as Private. I’ve seen blogs suspended over this.

    Unlike Tumblr, this is not primarily a reblogging platform.

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