I want to get rid of a phrase that pops up on Facebook

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    I want to get rid of the phrase that pops up on facebook. Everytime I type in the link for http://www.littleragers.com on facebook the phrase “This wordpress site is the cat’s pajama’s” pops up underneath it. Now, I went into my themes and I found where this phrase exists. I change the phrase to something different and saved it. However, the original “cat’s pajamas” phrase is still popping up when I type the address into facebook posts and it has been over a week since I originally changed it to another set of words. Is there somewhere else throughout the wordpress system that I can make this go away? I thought that changing the phrase within my theme would work but it is still popping up. Any help?
    Blog url: http://littleragers.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is littleragers.wordpress.com.



    You can change your Blog Title and/or the optional Tagline at any time on the top of this page > Settings > General


    timethief – I went to settings and general and the tagline is the tagline that I have changed over a week ago. However, the cat’s pajamas one keeps popping up everytime I type the link into facebook. Is there any other way to change this? We are using godaddy as our hosting….Is there an issue there?



    We have no control over how frequently Facebook chooses to flush their caches of old information. Sorry.

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