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    Hi – I started my blog a couple of months ago and set up a static page as an introduction with a secondary Blog page where all my entries showed (as per support instructions. If I’d known then what I know now, I would never have set it up that way!. I’m using Morning After which I like but I now want to get rid of my static page, so that visitors go straight to my Home page and my latest posts. My stats show quite a few people have visited my home page but not necessarily continued to other pages – I think it’s putting people off!

    My question is, if I change themes is there anyway that I can avoid ‘importing’ the static page set up and so start the new theme with a normal Home Page? I like Morning After but to be honest, the typeface is very small and I think it’s quite difficult to read – I prefer some of the themes that use a larger font size and if I can get around this static page thing, I’m going to change to one of them..

    The blog I need help with is pondwords.wordpress.com.


    Setting a static page as your blog front has nothing to do with the theme. To change that, you simply go to Settings>Reading, set your front to display your latest posts, and click Save Changes. You can do it now or you can do it after switching to another theme – doesn’t make any difference.



    I did try that with another theme and I got two Home pages



    Isn’t there any way to revert to the default wordpress.com Home Page?


    You mean two “Home” tabs in the top menu, not two home pages.
    This can happen in some themes (those that have a built-in Home link), but it happens when you set a static page as your front and name it Home, not when you get rid of it. And anyway you can create a custom menu in Appearance>Menus and make your top menu display or not display whatever you wish.

    By default, all themes display your latest posts. So to revert to the default you do what I already suggested in my original reply.

    Or do you mean the default theme (the one that’s loaded when you first sign up for a wp.com blog)?



    Hi I appreciate you getting back to me, again!

    I tried your suggestion, but what happens is that when someone clicks on my address, they go to the ‘front page’ and can see my latest posts. But if they click on About and then try to navigate back to the home page, they can only see what’s on my static page, the Blog page is now empty (cos’ I’ve removed the static page option in Settings>reading) and they can never get back to the front page. So all they can do is use the right bar to navigate to archives. I wish I’d never set up this damn static page, I just can’t get rid of it!!!!


    If you revert to displaynig your latest posts, the “Blog” page you had created is of course useless: you just go to Pages > All Pages and trash it.

    The Morning After includes a Home link in the header links – the green one top right (you can deactivate that if you wish). If you prefer a Home tab next to your About tab, go to Appearance > Theme Options and check the Home Link option.


    My guide to this theme might prove useful to you:



    Thanks so much – I will try everything!
    The guide looks very useful, I will have to read it slowly!

    Thanks v. much


    You’re welcome!



    Having a Page called blog-2 is not helping your cause – read the instructions given above.

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