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I Want To Guest Post On Your Blog!

  1. bothfeetcynthia

    Hey All,

    I am working on expanding my writing portfolio, and I would love it if you would give me the chance to guest post on your blog.

    You can check me out here:

    If you are interested, shoot me an email at [email redacted].



    The blog I need help with is

  2. hollythestrange

    I might give you a shout when I'm off hiatus.

  3. bothfeetcynthia

    Hey Holly,

    Why don't you let me fill in until you are off hiatus!


  4. If you know anything about writing effective press releases for shows, then feel free to get in touch.

  5. Ditto if you can ghost write autobiographies!

  6. @teamoyeniyi Have you considered the poltergeist and a biro option?

  7. bothfeetcynthia

    @teamonyeniyi - I am definitely up for that!

    @theianfox - what kind of show are you talking about?

  8. It will be for shows that are Live Stand Up, Sketch Comedy, Cabaret, Theatre, Burlesque and Children's shows.

    Specifically at the Edinburgh Fringe where there are approximately 1000 other shows trying to get attention.

  9. @theianfox - no, definitely not - never use a pen these days unless some inconsiderate person happens to want to give me a phone number to "note down" rather than send me a text message containing said phone number!

    @thebluesock - well, you'll have to wait a few weeks to start, as we have to wait until my husband comes home! And it would definitely have to be a profit share arrangement as I have no funds left to pay you a retainer up front!

  10. You can for me, as long as it has to do with good music or awesome stuff :D

  11. bothfeetcynthia

    @theianfox OH MY GOODNESS, PLEASE LET ME DO THIS. I am a Canadian and have been heavily involved in our Fringe festivals here - the Edinburgh Fringe simply amazes me. I would love to go, and I would LOVE to write your press releases.

    @teamoyeniyi I am a patient woman, and I am completely up for this project - I have been following your story quite closely, and I would be honoured to write for you!

    My e-mail is on my website: if either of you would find it more effective to communicate that way.


  12. bothfeetcynthia

    @JCM I will draft something up and see if you like it - I also have to say I 100% approve of your top three bands. :)

  13. @thebluesock Haha well thank you.

  14. @ TBS - I did eventually find your surname! LOL

  15. You could guest post in mine :)

  16. I couldn't find an email so I made a comment on your about page.

  17. hollythestrange

    Okay, I'm back to blogging. You could guest post on mine if you really want, however the blog of a 16 year old might not be what you're looking for.

  18. Do you know enough about cycling to write for us? Seriously sometimes it's just harder on certain blogs.

    But you are welcome to participate in a short survey...well anyone here on cycling facilities in your area:

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