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I want to hide the page title on my home page only

  1. 1) Yes, you will be much easier to find
    2) Yes, of course; you can always change the name of a static page. If you meant the blog page, you'd have to change the name of the blog
    3) Your competition includes everything on the internet that includes the words "Toastmasters" and your city name. Board of trade websites, realtor's bios, everything. Why not set it the way you want, google it to see where it ends up, and THEN decide whether or not you need to change things around?

  2. 1) When someone is doing a search for "toastmasters" and "city name", is there be any advantage to having a home page vs a static front page.

    Much easier to find with a Home page - vs a static page - okay.

    2) If I change the static front page to a Home page, will I still be able to change the name of the page.

    For example, can I name the (non static) Home page "About", or will it always have the name "Home" and the word "Home" at the top of it. From what I have seen so far, the Home page always has the name Home, and can't be changed to anything else. Whatever else the title or the name of the page is, that word "Home" is always there - unless it's a static front page.

    3) Would the Home page put links to the posts that are out of my control - and possibly where I don't want them. Or would I be able to put links to the posts where I want them.

    Okay I will try it to see how it shows up. I was hoping to not keep changing things around but I guess that's inevitable.

  3. I looked at Lorelle's blog to see what it means to have all posts on the Home page and, wow, all the posts are right in the middle of the page. I did not realize this before, and can see that type of setup won't work for my site. Anyway I've got plenty to keep me busy for awhile.

    Thanks for all the responses. :)

  4. The About page IS static. All pages are static, except the Archives, Category and Blog post pages. You can't change the name of the page that the Blog itself is on, as far as I know. You COULD decide to use a theme with no tabbed header, in which case there would be no name and no problem.

  5. Funny the person who started this thread disappeared, though it is still a pertinent discussion.

    I'm talking about the difference between the original Home page, vs a Front page that is not the original Home page. The original Home page appears to not be anything except Home, the word Home will always show at the top, and it can't be named something else, like About. In contrast a Front page (not Home) can be named anything, such as Front or About (even Home). The Front page is much more flexible in that sense, but apparently does not show in the search engines very well, which would keep subsequent pages and posts from showing as well either.

    I was thinking last night that a Front page is better for making a website from the blog, though having the original Home page opens up the universe of having participation with a variety of related subjects. Now I'm thinking of expanding my original blog, which I hadn't done much with before, and of making new ones, first off related to the TM website, perhaps designing a related website in blog format. This is very helpful to know. Thanks to both of you for the helpful responses.

  6. The "about spring" theme on the blog now does not have the tabbed headers, which is helpful for the current setup of the blog / website.

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