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I want to know more about upgrade

  1. I want to know more about upgrade, people are having trouble with the rss feeds, subscribe to my blog, and they cant view with their phones and to control comments from feeds if if i do will that resolve some of the issues here
    Blog url:

  2. There is no upgrade that addresses those issues.

  3. trouble with the rss feeds

    This is your RSS Feed for posts
    The feed is valid and operating correctly. Those using Chrome browser need to be aware that Chrome does not have a built-in feedreader. They need to install this extension

    Also note that their are spammer who post lies about your RSS feed not working to get you to approve their comments.

  4. subscribe to my blog

    Your blog subscription widget works for me.

    cant view with their phones

    Have they updated their apps?

  5. subscribe to my blog ... cant view with their phones

    Please note the response form Staff (macmanx) here:

  6. thank you for your help I just wanted to make sure am glad I asked you.and thank you for checking them out to I appreciate that .

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