I want to know the Capacity and Bandwidth of wordpress.com

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    who can tell me? many thanks!



    I don’t have the specifics, though someone here might, but I can guess that if you are asking this question, you should get the full version of WordPress on a hosted site that meets your specific needs for bandwidth.

    WordPress.com is for blogging. It offers a limited amount of space for uploading images (Last I heard it was 25 megs). It does host several blogs which are on the A-List and attract huge traffic numbers, so it can carry the traffic load.



    I do webhosting as a profession and just have my blog here as something offsite. I see no difference in speed between my boxes and WP.com’s.

    Now, that may change with more bloggers here though in the future….




    drmike is right. The bandwidth and server storage space is split between everyone. That’s part of the “community” part of WordPress.com.

    The rest of us have to fight for space against the popular bandwidth hogs. ;-)



    We don’t have any per-user bandwidth limits, but we do monitor everything for any abuse of the system. Basically our philosophy is people shouldn’t have to worry about things like bandwidth and storage which are kinda foreign and hard-to-understand concepts anyway.

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