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I want to know where to pay my renewal

  1. billing period
    Blog url:

  2. All upgrades are for one blog and for one year only when they are due for renewal. You can locate your upgrades on this page > Store > My Upgrades
    For more information please read:

  3. Thanks - i got that part - the problem there is no pay renewal anywhere on this page.

  4. Is the upgrade in question a domain mapping upgrade that has expired?

  5. If this question is about renewing a domain mapping upgrade then have you tried going here > Store > Domains and clicking the "Manage Domain Subscriptions" link?

  6. That link "Manage domain subscription" take me back to the original page - It does say my domain name will expire - this was purchaed through godaddy and hase been renewed - hummmmm

  7. There are two reneals invloved when you Map an existing domain (one you already own) to your blog.

    1. Your domain name is separately purchased from go-daddy and your renew it with them annually.
    2. It's just a name and without paying for an annually renewable domain mapping upgrade you cannot map from your free hosted blog to your domain.

  8. @johnshea289: there is a domain mapping for to that expires on August 11, 2012. You need both the domain registration current (which it seems you already took care of) and the domain mapping active, for the mapping to function properly. Only the user that purchased the domain mapping (or any other upgrade, for that matter) can renew it. There is another administrator on who purchased the domain mapping upgrade, and that user needs to log in and renew it under Store > My Upgrades.

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