I want to modify the postcomments element in the Greyazed theme?

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    I don’t like the post comments format in the greyzed theme (the commnet gif etc)
    How do I modify the CSS so that the post comments looks like this:

    Posted: January 01, 2012
    Tags: Climbing
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    In other words it is simply a link below the tags text.

    The blog I need help with is pamelapack.wordpress.com.



    shantipack.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog you have purchased the custom design upgrade for.




    However it’s not public yet.



    Thanks. I don’t help with CSS editing. Please be patient while waiting for Staff or another Volunteer gets to this thread and helps you.



    Thanks so much timethief :)


    Sorry, you cannot. The post metadata (date, categories, tags, and leave a comment link are in a single selector in the CSS.



    Is it possible to replace the comment bubble gif and the comment counter so that it simply says “leave a comment” ?!


    Since I can’t see your site, and since the demo site for greyzed doesn’t have commenting enabled, then I’ll have to crank up one of my test sites and active greyzed before I can tell.



    I believe you should be able to see my site now: pamelapack.wordpress.com
    I managed to change the font color to make it a bit more subtle. I suppose I could replace the gif with something more subtle — copy the theme gif and modify in PS…


    You can get rid of the bubble, but you cannot turn the comment count number into “leave a comment.” You could use :before or :after to put some text after or before the number such as:

    0 Leave a comment
    Leave a comment 0

    The number also cannot be hidden since the text declared with the :after or :before effectively become part of the hyperlink.

    There is also some other tweaking that would need to be done such as narrowing the post title div to give enough room for the number and text. Also, the alignment would blow up if someone zoomed in in their browser or had made changes to their browser font preferences.

    It could though be floated over and underneath the post title.



    Thanks so much for all your help! I will give your suggestions a try tomorrow. I do like the idea of floating it under the post title. Great idea!


    You are welcome and if you get stumped, just post to the CSS forum and we can help.

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