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I want to move my blog to another wordpress account

  1. My husbands family have the link to my blog! I want to move it to another WordPress account. What's the easiest way to do this?

  2. What are the possibilities of losing the lot while transferring? I'd die if I lost my blog...

  3. WordPress says I'm 'not allowed to import'
    What do I do now?

  4. I want to transfer the whole blog, not just a post. Any ideas?

  5. ah you should've searched the forums before trying to move blogs. i didn't really follow this issue, but i've skimmed through it and remembered that people have problems transferring their blog to another blog... don't know if that issue has been resolved or not.

  6. I'll try again! Thanks

  7. Still not happening....

  8. Would I we wise to move it to Blogger if this hasn't been resolved in the past?

  9. people are actually moving from blogger to wordpress, surely there's a good reason why...

    make use of the feedback in your dashboard.

  10. @sulz
    The feedback is not operational at this time. Click it and check out the message you get.

    This is my advice.
    (1) Temporarily make your whole blog "private" and that will take care of the in-laws problem. Then the urgency you feel will be gone.
    (2) Send an email with a link back to this forum thread to support @ wordpress dot com.
    (3) This may be helpful.

  11. Ok. I managed to do it but it's only saved posts from June 18th (first post) up to mid Nov! Should I do it post by post?

  12. I'm sorry but don't know what to do about this so I'm bumping your post (it's been 7 hours) to drmike or mark or ...?

  13. Any ideas? ;-)

  14. I just exported your contents and got everything.
    Do you want to try again or would you like me to import the file to the other blog?
    Shall I email you?

  15. Yes please e-mail me!

  16. You have mail :)

  17. So do you!

  18. I'm getting there, but when I transfer my blogging friends to my blogroll, I can't access their blogs?

  19. Which blog are we looking at? The couple of links I tried on your linked blog seem to work fine.

  20. [Link removed. The power of the moderator label commands you to ignore this link! BAWHAAAAAAA!!!! - drmike]

  21. Note that all the links have the 'http://' in there twice. That's what's throwing it off.

    Please do a search for OPML here in the forums. There's a much easier way to transfer over links. You'll still have to resort them into categories but it's still easier than manually cutting and pasting.

    Please let me know if you want me to remove that link for some reason.

  22. Please remove. Thanks.

  23. Not a problem. :)

  24. LOL

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