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i want to move my to

  1. Good day happy engineers and fellow bloggers. I need your urgent help. I run site for my school. I paid for $18 dollars for my site to But this is where i have problem, i have a friend who owns a and i see wonderful and useful features there that will be very useful for my site too. I was hoping if there is a way i can have a site hosted by for me. Because i already paid for hosting, and i want a as well. I was hoping there is a way i can get all the features of but still host it on since i just paid for it and i haven't even used up to two months. I don't want to go outside wordpress to host my site but at the same time i want all the features of I hope u understand what i am trying to say? I don't want my site being hosted on hostgator etc, but on is what i mean in summary: i want to run a site but i want to be my host not any other host like hostgator. I need response asap. Bless you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You didn't pay for hosting. You paid for a DOMAIN name.

    You cannot get all the features of on a blog no matter what you pay.

    If you want all the features of a blog, you will have to pay for hosting, about $20 a month, and move your blog.

  3. So if i pay $20 per month i host a site on

  4. NO.

    You can't host a site on is completely separate from You have to choose one or the other.

    You can keep your domain name and just point it to your new hosting when you buy some.

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