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i want to purchase my domain name

  1. Hi -- I want to purchase my domain name "thesmallc" but I am having a difficult time deciding whether I should call it .com or .net. This is not for commercial purposes. But what if eventually advertisers would like to promote on my blog, would it be suggested I use .com for only this purpose?

    Also, How do I purchase the domain name?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. mrsrelationshipstuff

    HELLO, personally i thing .com sounds better. and if you want to just purchase your domain name you can do that in THE STORE tab from you DASHBOARD. But if you want to use your site like a store and offere advertisments and products for sell, then you will need to transfer to a SELF HOSTED SITE and seek out a company like BLUEHOST. i hope this answers your question.

  3. Thank you for your response. I will use the .com but would this still be OK if I am not seeking to sell anything? And last question, once I purchase the domain name, it would be directed to my blog, correct? I only want to remove "wordpress" from the current alias and just call it "".

    One more question, can I create my own look from my own personal art/images?

    Thank you.

  4. You also need to buy domain mapping

  5. The package for this is $18 correct? Are they both located under my DASHBOARD?

    One more question, can I create my own look from my own personal art/images?

  6. mrsrelationshipstuff

    from what i understand i dont think you can create a full designed website using your own template unless you are selfhosted.

  7. The package for this is $18 correct?

    that should be the one

    depending on the theme you can upload your own images for a header or background

  8. mrsrelationshipstuff

    yes you links to the new one and if you dont pay to renew it in a year it goes back to the free site with at the end

  9. ~~auxclass
    Good day to you. :)

  10. You have been very helpful. If I have any more questions I will let you know. Thank you.

  11. One question: if I purchase the the domain today and later decide to purchase the bundle, would the binder still cost me $99?

  12. Morning Morning @TT

    Yes I think the Bundle would still be $ 99- and you will need to have the staff help you with the purchase as the Bundle has the domain name and mapping so I can't be purchased directly (the staff need to flip a bit or something for you) - I don't think I have seen prorated purchases but you could ask for something like that if you wanted to get the Bundle in the near future - the worst is they could say sorry and you would be out a part year of registration as the registration switches

  13. So if I purchase the bundle now there will be no need for me to contact the staff correct? Everything will run smoothly.

  14. Hi - How do you link from one post to another? For example, if I want to direct readers to visit another post from a current post, how do I link?

  15. I have a question: can I get the pro package and still get the privacy for my domain?

  16. Just link to the other post as an ordinary link, as if it were on another blog.

    Yes, you can get the pro package and also get Privacy for the domain, but that's extra, I think.

  17. With the pro package, what am I really getting? Can you explain please?

  18. I have another question: If I get the pro bundle, can I downgrade later if I realize I didn't need it to only keeping my domain name? And in that case, would I only be responsible for paying the $18 for the domain yearly?

  19. You have 30 days to cancel an upgrade except domain registration (48 hours) - the Bundle is a 30 day cancel one - you can keep your domain name if you cancel the Bundle and pay for only the domain name registration and domain mapping -

    Take a look at the bundle - do you want to change the look of a theme with CSS? Do you understand CSS at all? Do you need the extra storage space? Videos that you produce and upload yourself? YouTube and Vimeo videos can be embedded without any upgrade

  20. Is CSS easy to use? Is it user-friendly and what is it exactly? I am very interested in purchasing the bundle but need more info on why it is worth it. Thank you.

  21. Hi -- I just purchased the pro bundle. I registered the domain name "thesmallc" but when I click it doesn't take me to my blog. Please advise. The "worpress" was supposed to be removed from the URL after purchasing the bundle.

  22. - loads fine for me and Domain Helper shows all your settings are correct

    It can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet - changes usually start after a few hours - but during this time mapping can be erratic

    Patience Grasshopper

  23. i'm trying to post under my different pages/categories and posts still appear under "home". how do i make the post appear under the right category?

  24. How do I hide my blog so that it isn't public yet? I already purchased the pro bundle, but my blog isn't ready to be viewed. Can you please help?

  25. Set it to Private

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Readings >> Private only those I invite - or block search engines but allow people to see it ( nice if you are getting feedback from people - you don't need to make them members of the blog)

  26. Hi -- i am still learning how to use my dashboard, but I have questions:

    1. I chose my theme already. Can I customize my theme through my dashboard? For example, I see I can only add 2 widgets on the sidebar, but I really want 6. Can I add them? The other options I am getting are footer widgets - I want them all to show on the side. Please advise.

    2. I have created pages. Each page will contain different posts. How can I post on each page without it going directly into my home page? AND, will every post I post be considered new regardless on where it appears? For examples, if people go to my page, how would they know there's something new when "home" is the fist page they see?

    thank you.

  27. Another question: where are your plugins?

  28. Please read

    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs. We bloggers cannot install any plugins. Those are for WordPress.ORG installs which run on different software.

    There is no upgrade that you can purchase from that provides FTP access , the ability to install plugins, third party themes and software into free hosted blogs. If you require plugins then you must hire a web host and set up your own install.

  29. another question (2) - where are the "theme options" under "appearance"?

  30. Dashboard > Appearance
    hover there and click "Theme Options"

    Here's the link to the step by step tutorial Staff provide which is linked to on the bottom of your Admin page

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