I want to put my own banner in my blog header

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    I can’t currently upload my own banner to my blog. Is there any way I can do this?

    The blog I need help with is iconsoftomorrow.wordpress.com.



    If by “banner” you mean a custom header, you need to choose a theme that has a custom header. Your theme, Black Letterhead, is called that because the header is just letters.


    What themes do you recommend that can accommodate custom headers? Thanks Heidi:)


    I’ve just tried a theme with a banner. My question is, what if I want to upload my own banner, rather than have their choices? There doesn’t seem to be that option? Are there any that have this option?



    Black Letterhead does support a header image (760 x 200 pixels). You upload it in Appearance > Header.



    The option is available on most themes (even in cases where the demo has no header image).


    Go to Blog Admin>Appearance Menu>Customize
    These steps will open a view of your home page with a side bar on the right – select Header from the sidebar and then open the drop down box next to the image that appears when that item opens…the rest is self explanatory. Not all themes will allow this, but in my experience, most do.



    @theprobookeditor: The right place is Appearance > Header, not Appearance > Customize. The latter has fewer options. Among other things, there will be no Header option at all in Customize when the theme doesn’t have a default header image (as is the case with Black Letterhead).


    Hey thanks heaps!! It worked. :)


    Sorry, back again. Does anyone know if it’s possible to show a preview of my book on my page? I have a preview uploaded to Acrobat.com, and previously showed a preview of my book on my old website via a share link I got from acrobat. On my website, it actually showed a visual preview of pdf on page, like a flash animation. Is that possible with this site to do that, or will it only show a link from acrobate, which takes people straight off this site to acrobat?



    You’re welcome.
    WP blogs cannot display PDFs directly. You need to upload the PDF to a site such as Scribd first:


    Oh good. Thanks heaps!!


    Oh good. Thanks heaps!!


    Just been on scribd. It’s taken several hours so far to upload an extract from my book, and still not there. Is this because the file is too large for this site, and if so, how do I shrink it without reducing readability? I stress, I am using broadband. Also, what if I want to add a paypal button on my wordpress blog?


    Solved upload problem. The page I was on was just failing to tell me it had finished. Was still showing 99 percent and spinning, but when I opened a new window it was there. Thank God! Just wondering now about paypal?

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