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I Want to Read Your Blogs!

  1. Hello! Welcome to wordpress. my blog is

  2. My blog is The Insanity Aquarium. Thar be craziness.

  3. moonbeammcqueen

    Come see me! I'll make you some iced tea.

    Moonbeam McQueen

    My front porch has a mood swing.

  4. Visit my blog its only started 2 months ago.


  5. more mindless chatter...check it out and give me advice

  6. asdfkjhasjkdfh1902387123987

    Here's mine. Lots of sarcasm I think.
    A Nerd's Life

  7. ashishaggarwal122

    Hi Everyone my blog is about everyday life and some thing new everyday.

  8. photographyfreestyle

    hi there :) this is my blog
    is about nature, life, problems eeem whatever :P

  9. photographyfreestyle

    hi there :) this is my blog
    is about: nature, life, problems eeem whatever :P

  10. Well here is mine...writing, poetry, humour,

  11. readytochangenow

    One of my favorite blogs right now:

    This Page Intentionally Blank

  12. I'm blogging about my life and a part of life that affects everyone too:

  13. Hai :) I welcome you into the blogging worlf deary!

    If you need anyone to talk to im here!

  14. Gay vets, Vikings and valets with irascible cats, cute knock kneed colts and a pair of gay were-wolves stuck in a revolving door...........all here. Plus hapless and (about to be) headless prisoners. :( yup, it's a melting pot of masculinity, madness, mayhem and melancholy.

  15. Welcome, I would give you the link to my blog but you'll more than likely never see this post =/

  16. Maybe she/he will.

  17. Hah, I'm having continued forum problems Jessie :)

  18. I'm brand new to WP too. I write short and positive posts to lift our spirits - for April, it's all about different facets of beauty. It's a Christian perspective, but not preachy or heavy - just encouraging. Check it out here!

    Meanwhile, Melody Muses

  19. hey new to wordpress too, would you mind giving mine a look,


  20. happinessisnotadisease

    I'm also new. Welcome to my own dose of madness!

  21. Hi. I'm new to WordPress too. Mine is a guinea pig POV blog. Why not check it out. You may be surprised!


  22. Today's post consisted of a rundown of a trip to the eastern United States.

    Read all about it and share if you've been to these destinations.

  23. I know there are a fair amount of links that have been posted here but i now run a Lifestyle blog.

    Have a read and a browse :)

  24. Hya everyone i have a blog just started up not really sure how to do all this but its about me and my life :) take a look please thanks!!!

  25. Hi all just wondering if any of you would take a look at my blog Thanks :)

  26. Welcome to blogging. I'm new also, but I've been writing quite a lot. If you're looking for a way to waste a few hours (or days), please feel free to check mine out. It's all about my new life living and traveling in Asia.

  27. I blog about everything in life, something we can all relate to!

    Check mine out, and im always looking for new blogs to follow so keep posting!

  28. Today we discussed 'senioritis' as the end of the school year approaches.

    Share your views at

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