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    I wanted to use WordAds on classyhippi.wordpress.com so I upgraded to point my existing domain (classyhippi.com hosted by ipage.com) and I changed the server names on ipage to the NS1 WORDPRESS.COM, etc. but my site (classyhippi.com) no longer worked correctly. I know wordpress did something to point to ipage because when I type in classyhippi.wordpress.com, I am brought to my classyhippi.com site which is not working properly now. How can I get wordpress to set everything back to the original settings on classyhippi.wordpress.com so my classyhippi.com site works properly?

    If you go to classyhippi.com, you will see a tab called CH Blog, this used to open up to my classyhippi.wordpress.com site, but it’s no longer working.

    Once I get this fixed, I plan on just creating a new domain name with wordpress and then signing up with WordAds that way instead of trying to link to an existing domain. Please help! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is classyhippi.wordpress.com.



    Looks like you got everything working correctly. (I visited classyhippi.com and clicked on CH Blog, and it took me to classyhippi.wordpress.com.)

    Is there anything else you need help with?



    Hi! Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate you looking into it. This is interesting though. When I am on my computer, I am not directed to the classyhippi.wordpress.com site when I click on the CH Blog in classyhippi.com, but when I visit the site on my husband’s computer, it works fine.

    Also from my computer, when I type in classyhippi.wordpress.com, it takes me to the classyhippi.com site (still cannot bring up CH Blog). But I can go directly to classyhippi.wordpress.com from my husband’s computer.

    Would you have any ideas on why it is not working on my own computer, but seems to work fine on another?



    probably a local caching issue – try clearing your browser cache and forcing a page reload



    I’ve cleared my history and cache, restarted my computer and I still have the problem. I even logged out of everything completely too.

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