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I want to report some broken links in the Windows Live Writer support docs

  1. I noticed some broken links and I want to report them:

    On the support pages for Windows Live Writer there are some links its Windows Live Space that no longer exists:

    Would somebody please flag this for Staff to see it?

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. timethief,

    Thank you for your link. I actually did not make myself very clear. I actually have used Windows Live Writer for my blogs (even before I found WordPress) since it was in Beta. I just wanted to report the links to the non-existent pages in the Support docs. I see that modlook has been added so they will see this.

    Thank you,


  3. Thanks for the report. I've fixed the broken links on those pages (I think...). Could you check? Thanks.

  4. Hi vanillalounge,

    Thanks for the corrections to the Windows Live Writer support docs! I’ve checked both pages, and only found one teensy error remaining.

    The first link on this page: still has the url to the old Windows Live Space and returns an error page: “This Windows Live Space is no longer available.”

    (The other page that I reported: now links correctly to the Windows Live Writer download page with no links to the old Space. Thanks!)

    Apparently the Windows Live Space for Windows Live Writer was just allowed to die, rather being transferred here to WordPress when was Spaces closed down. Otherwise, the links would redirect to their new WordPress blog.

    My Windows Live Space that I had for four years ( had oodles of pages and was successfully transferred here to WordPress ( with all of my url links redirecting just fine.

    Special Thanks to WordPress for letting me keep my years of blog posts! I have already sent a “Hug” to WordPress about how much I like it here.


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