I want to respond TO the COMMENTER via email!

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    Can someone please tell me how to change settings on my comments that get emailed to me: I want to be able to respond to the EMAIL of the person commenting, not to the blog post itself. I used to be able to do this for years and years and about a month ago something changes at WordPress.

    If someone could please tell me how to fix this I would be most grateful. The reason I chose WordPress to blog with was because I could respond quickly and easily to people who comment on my blog via email – now there is another hitch in this process.

    The blog I need help with is crazyknittinglady.wordpress.com.


    Right now you will have to click on the email address for the commenter in the email you received from your blog and then copy and paste what they said into the new email you created.

    There is no way to change that.

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