I want to say “read more…” in a page or post.

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    Real beginner here. I want to put a few lines in a post or front page and then direct readers to a sub-page to read more. I thought I read somewhere that you could limit the length shown in some way. Can somebody direct me?



    Yes I can and if you give me a few minutes I start retrieving some information for you.
    (1) If you have not turned off the visual rich text editor then icon 13 is the one that will produce the <!–more–> tag http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/15/what-do-all-the-icons-mean/
    (2)If you have turned it off and are using the standard editor then you simply click the [more] button where you want the text to break.
    (3) If you would prefer to simply enter it yourself via typing then where you want the text to break you type <!–more–> and the theme will contain code which will produce the desired result.

    This will answer your question but I will post some more useful information in a few moments.



    Here are some useful wordpress.com beginner resources.
    (1) welcome to wordpress reource links https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=5257&replies=19
    (2) widgets
    And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.
    (3) blogrolls, links and categories
    This will help you understand blogrolls, links and categories and their relationships.
    (4) force page reloading – the editor has gone
    (5) force clearing your browser or force refresh and reload
    windows – IE and FF – crtl F5 (click simultaneously)
    macs – FF – Cmd-Shift-R
    linux – F5
    If you need more help then please post again. Happy blogging :)



    is it possible for a theme to not allow or use the <!–more–> tag? I’ve been trying repeatedly and it never works for me..


    thanks in advance,



    nevermind. I seem to be using a theme that has quirks.. sigh:


    thanks anyway…:(



    I’m having a problem doing this with the Misty Look theme:


    I’ve tried with & without the rich text editor & when I preview, I still don’t see a “read more” link. Does the read more link not show up in preview, or is this just a quirk with the theme?

    Many thanks to anyone with answers!



    @bigpas1 – Those quirks have to do with Blix’s use of side widgets. If you want to NOT use the more tag try left clicking on it once to highlight it (a box should go up around it) then hit the delete button on your keyboard to get rid of it. I did not see any uses on your theme on the main page though so not sure what you are asking exactly.



    @bspisars – I do not see the more tag show up on the preview pane in a test blog i have in mistylook theme. It will show up once you publish the post (or save an already published post) with a “Continue reading >>” link in place of where ever you put the more tag.



    Thanks ryanjenn; this was exactly the case. My problem is solved :)

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