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I want to see blogs with lots of pictures!!

  1. I love pictures, most of my google searches are image searches, I try to put as many pictures as I can muster to go with the content on my blog (shameless plug: ) and I want to see yours!!

    I really like blogs about art that showcase lots of different artists doing interesting things with their craft, but really I just want to see neat pictures!!!

    What have you got?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. chrislipjournal

    Our blog covers news stories from the town of Chrislip (and they're true... oh yes, all of them true...), and each one has at least one picture. Most of them goofy. Just click the Chrislip Journal link below.

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

  3. NO!! Those can't be true stories!! Groin Pull? HAHAHA!! I really like your blog, if you can't tell ^.^ Good silly pictures with short, concise, and silly posts. Terrific, thanks for sharing!

  4. sarcasticblogger

    funny pics and shareables can be found here

  5. Awesome... just awesome. I think my favorite is the guy kicking the chicken.

  6. My own photography and occasional snarks:

  7. chrislipjournal

    Yes, Sovereign, all true. ;-) Thank you!

    I just visited your blog and left a comment. I really like it!

    Rob of Chrislip

  8. Blisterina, your site is so wonderful! I love seeing actual film again!! If I could afford it, I'd never use a digital camera again. Maybe when I'm rich and famous. Oh, by the way, my favorite is "Happy birthday mailbox" It makes me happy ^.^

    Hey Rob of Chrislip, I'm so glad you liked my blog... Hooray!!

  9. chrislipjournal

    Definitely like it, Sovereigh. :-)

    Blisterina, I'm in love with your photos. I just subscribed to your blog. Yes, the happy mailbox is a winner. Also love the grainy shot of the boy. Great stuff!


  10. @sovereignfugue

    Thanks to you both! I'm a regular lurker at both of your blogs. You find the best stuff on WordPress, really.

  11. @sovereignfugue
    Are you aware that when we publish posts and assign categories and tags to them they are displayed on the global tag pages?
    Example >

    More information here >

  12. Thanks, but I'm not looking for just photography or art, I thought I'd just see what folks showed me ^.^

  13. Our new blog contains pictures AND videos from everyday life on either side of the Atlantic. Take a look....

  14. Thanks!!

    ihavebadteeth- thanks for sharing your endeavors. Way to bridge the divide ^.^

    Wow, kaokishiki, what a huge project! That's so awesome, I'm such a huge comic book fan ^.^

  15. Thank you very much, sovereignfugue.

  16. Just started a new blog where I shall be putting images of 3D letters that I have either made or sell. One of my websites gets traffic but not much business, people visit it for the letter images for their own use, I don't mind as long as its not for business use. So I decided to start a blog with just images of 3D letters so that people can use them on their own blogs and stuff.

    Not much on it at the moment but I have about 2000 images to put on it in the future when I find the time.

  17. That's really cool, shopfrontsigns, Thanks for sharing those with the blogging community. I'm never sure about copyright stuff so I avoid using other people's photos as much as possible, so it's really awesome that you would post those specifically for public use!

  18. invisiblemikey

    I don't have the tools, time or money to do it properly, but from time to time I post symbolic stories using a cell-phone cam and a lot of post-processing using free software. The assumption is that you ought to be able to spin straw into gold if your channel's clear. Posts of this type include the current "Northeus Descending", "Jump-Rope Rhyme Time", "Sticky Light", "Onward Leading, Still Proceeding", "Views to Amuse" and to some degree "Commercial Icon".

  19. Well that was weird.... I went to your blog, invisiblemikey, and it was lovely with the photos of the docks and beaches and your poetic sentiments. Then I saw the building on the corner of Taylor, and the Upstage... and Undertown?! How freaky... If you live 25 miles from there then you live 25 miles from me! Good luck in your endeavors to buy a place here, I'm working on that myself ^.^

  20. oh and by the way, impressive photos for a camera!

  21. whoops, I meant for a phone >.<

  22. saratheintrepid

    What about photos of beautiful India?


  23. Thanks, saratheintrepid ^_^ I really like your blog, it's interesting to read about your travels and there are plenty of pictures to keep my short attention span from taking over.

  24. @blisterina,
    How do I superscribe to you? Nice photography.

  25. saratheintrepid

    Thank you so much. xx yours made me giggle too.

  26. I am new to blogging and just started last month. My blog is all about gardening, plenty of photos to look. Here is the link

  27. LOTS of lovely new summery pictures (since I discovered the wonderful colourmekatie blog, massively inspired)

    peace up x

  28. @nikla1
    The blog linked to your username has been deleted. You are spamming our forums yet again with links to sites that are not blogs. How pathetic.

  29. Missquotes, fabulous blog, I love improv everywhere ^.^ and Riosamba, I love gardening and your website looks so professional! Lots of lovely pictures and good info. Oh, and Nikla1.... Shame.

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