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    Okay, I opened up a blog, now I am an artist/producer and before I even start posting and all that, I want to self host it first. I have no idea to begin, Im good with computers and online stuff and Ill catch on but I dont know how to even start with programming.

    I want to self host it, I researched a few self host sites, http://get.wp.com/hosting/ and can someone tell me which is the best?

    Now how do I even transfer my blog to self host it and where would I make posts on…on wordpress or on my self hosted website?

    Can someone explain the details and background of all this, and what about my domain, who do i pay to renew it? all that stuff.

    -How do i transfer it everything
    -where do i do everything like posting
    -who do i pay for my domain, wordpress or my new host

    I dont know much so can someone tell me how to successfully transfer everything and keep it running please, like what about spam

    please be patient, i dont know much about programming but i do know online stuff and everything and catch on easy, I am technoledged tho.

    thank you, greatly appreciated

    The blog I need help with is altimitonline.com.



    You should probably go to WordPress.org. That’s for the hosted WordPress.



    There’s a guide on WordPress.com support documents that explains the basic steps to go self-hosted:

    However, as noirciplume says, you are better off asking your detailed questions at http://wordpress.org/support/



    I have published a step by step DIY tutorial for setting up your own WordPress.ORG install that contains advice provided by thesacredpath as well as instructions.

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