I want to separate the different pages of my blog

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    I want to separate the different pages of my blog eg have one for quotes and one for images. In fact I want 4 pages running blogs as it were with one page with 2 nested in it. I have tried to add category pages but then the tittle page was not picked up and all the blog entries appeared in the designated default blog. So I created a private blog to make that the default blog and then have only specific categories appearing in their relevant pages. But that did not work. Any ideas what to do?
    Blog url: http://wendysilverjourney.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is wendysilverjourney.wordpress.com.



    It’s easy. If you don’t want all the blog posts to show in reverse chronological order, then set a Static page as the start page of your blog, and use a Custom Menu to link only to the specific category pages.


    Thank you – it is not the reverse order but I want them on separate pages; rereading what you wrote I think that is what you are showing me how to do, if Twenty Twelve the chosen Theme supports custom menus!



    Yes, it does. Then you just don’t include the link to the main blog page on the custom menu and you’re all good.


    Oh thank you – finally since my first query on this was 2 weeks ago you have kindly appeared to help!
    I now have separate streams of blogs as my writings, my silverwork, other writing and other photos – BUT!
    I have now lost my if you like “cover” pages, the top sheet page. In the menu I only picked the category page not the page itself as previously if I choose both then I got 2 versions appearing in my blog; one with the stream of posts and one with out posts but the top sheet as it were. Any idea of how to solve that? and thank you SO SO much.


    I have found a solution which is to indent on the custom menu the category under the page name. On the blog this ends up with a double entry as it were as you highlight the page and then move down into the blog. It works which is a huge step forward for now!
    Next question is how to remove the righthand information of archive etc off most of the pages.



    go to widget,and pages,and on the right corn,you can add o move the widgets, from the pages you want


    Oh thank you – but I deleted them by mistake. How do I get them back and then just move them!


    Solved by using the back cursor on the computer!


    No I have lost all the original settings as I deleted them so any ideas on getting them back to set up a static alternative front page woudl be helpful. Than ou.

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