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I want to separate trackback/pingback from comment count

  1. Currently, my pingback and trackback are counted as the number of comment. Please could you help me to separate them?

    1) I would like comment as comment. I would like the number treated as comment count only.

    At present, 6 pingbacks + 4 comment are counted as 10 comments. I would like this to change please.

    2) At present, the space between each pingback is too wide. Please could you help me to narrow the gap to make them look normal? (Eg, like in normal sentence structure with 1.5 spacing)

    Many thanks for your help. I'm very grateful.

    Theme: 2012.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The number can't be separated. The spacing can be updated with CSS though. Keep in mind that CSS can update the appearance of things, but not change their functionality. Can you provide a link to the example page that's shown in your screenshot image?

  3. To reduce the spacing between the pingbacks on those pages, add this to your Appearance → Customize → CSS panel:

    .commentlist .pingback {
    	margin-bottom: 0;
  4. Ahhh - for once it didn't work.

    I added the above to the css, but the outcome appeared unchanged.

    Please see the last few lines:

    p/s: Thanks for the special 'like' on my Popeye post. It's very encouraging for me.

    I'll get to learn some css this summer.

    I reason I had the upgrade was simply to enlarge the font -- as I'm short sighted, I need large font and clarity for easy reading. But as the font enlarges, I feel that many areas seem to be affected, leaving me with lots of questions, especially spacing issues. I'm very lucky you're all extremely supportive.

    It's a learning curve. Thanks for your help.

  5. It works for me to reduce the spacing. Maybe you wanted to reduce it even more? If so, update the rule like this:

    .commentlist .pingback,
    #content .commentlist .pingback p  {
    	margin-bottom: 0;

    A good way to learn CSS is also just to try lots of things and experiment on your own. So definitely try experimenting with the numbers in the examples to see what you can change. One thing I like to do when testing is add a red border to see how layout/spacing is setup for certain elements. Here is an example you can try previewing:

    .commentlist .pingback {
    	border: 1px solid blue;
    #content .commentlist .pingback p  {
    	border: 1px solid red;

    Try it both with and without the other CSS exempts from above.

  6. Excellent! I've tried both, and they worked beautifully in different ways. Now I've the choices. Brilliant!

    As a non css person, I really appreciate your direct help. You explained facts very clearly and concisely and in a way that a non css person can understand. Thank you for your time and attention to details.

  7. Thank you for the compliment! :)

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