I want to set up a web site for a charity

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    I already have a domain name. I have published a web site. I was advised that I could use WordPress to set up a new (revised) site. All i seem to get it set up a blog. I do not want to do that i want to build and web site and publish it. Pat doody


    Don’t really understand. You want WordPress, but you don’t want WordPress. You already have a domain name and a site, so what’s the question? You can install WordPress on that site with software from here:




    Could it be that the OP means that he want’s to have it hosted on his own site? I.e. it being the index.html root.



    Sorry i did not make it clear. My original web site no longer works because the company has stopped offering a web hosting service – so i need another one and was directed to WordPress. I am a novice and do not understand all the lingo. I want to try out WordPress software and then set up a new site with a web hosting service. I thought i could do this via WordPress.com.



    I want to try out WordPress software and then set up a new site with a web hosting service.

    Then you should be over here:




    If you want to practice with the WordPress software this is a good place to do that – note there are some limits and differences between WordPress.ORG installs and WordPress.COM blogs

    For more on the difference: http://support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/


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    If you need to get your site up quickly, some hosting companies offer a “click and build” system which will get your site live. We used Netscape Solutions. Then you have some time to learn WordPress here for free: the lingo, how to choose a theme, the basics of inserting pictures, and so on. When you are confident that you know what you’re doing you can move over to Wp.ORG by exporting your site from wp.COM.

    The other way you could do it is to map your domain (name) to wp.com.

    I would have just gone with the domain mapping but our board of directors decided to start selling some of our merchandise and kits online and you cannot do that here on wp.com

    We do still have a blog here on wp.com as a companion to our regular site.

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