I want to start a blog, but….

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    I would like to start blogging with WordPress, but to be honest, I would *really* like to lose all the buttons, gadgets and Facebook/Twitter extras up top (I fondly call them “noise”), and just make it a clean blog. I have seen other blogs structured this way, and have a feeling it is just a matter of a few settings here and there. Your help with this would be much appreciated!

    Casey Sims

    The blog I need help with is simplelivingbydesign.wordpress.com.



    Have you gone through http://learn.wordpress.com yet? We have a lot of minimal themes on the dashboard Themes page.


    Yes, I did look at learn.wordpress.com…thanks. I looked at a few themes and they all seem pretty straightforward. How do I change/omit things like “Follow” or repeating the name of the blog at the top with an avatar etc. etc.? I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong. Does it have to do with the blog being private or public?

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