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I want to start from scratch with my blogname intact....?

  1. I am just in the phase of creating my blog and I seem to have messed up already ( the Page button under Menus has disappeared!), so now I want to start all over again....?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please help me quickly, as I am dying to get my blog out:-)

  3. Hi there, I'm sure you can understand that there are people here who would also like an answer to the question they posted hours ago, so please don't bump your thread after a few minutes. :)

    Even after deleting all your content, you should still have the Nav/Menu bar. Did you perhaps create a Custom Menu and didn't remove it? Have you tried switching to another theme and then back to Bouquet?

  4. Hi, sorry for my impatience:-) Yes, now I tried to switch from Bouquet to Bueno - and back again, and the Menu bar is missing (it only contains "Hjem"). I still can't add Pages under Appearance-Menus. "Pages"contains "no item"??

  5. Since you deleted everything, what Pages are there to add?

    "Home" would be the only available item in the navigation bar,which thankfully has returned!

  6. If you have made a complete mess of your blog then staff may be able to reset it to the "original" state. I will flag this for staff assistance.

    In the mean time you might want to read the WordPress beginners' guide.

  7. I want to Customize my own Menu - About, Who Am I, Pictures etc.....The original Theme "Bouquet" contains: Home, A Parent Page, About, HTML elements, Image Alignment and style, Readibility....I would like to get these opportunities back and also the possibility of creating my own Menu Bar, which is not possible now, as the Pages button is not active.....

  8. Resetting would be perfect, as I only just started and am actually right now working my way through the Beginners Guide:-) thanks a lot....

  9. @mormormedstiletter - Since you deleted all your content, you need to re-add Pages. Start by adding the "About" page. Here's how you add a Page: You can continue adding as many Pages as you need. Please note that the pages you mention above (Parent Page, HTML Elements, etc.) only appear on the Bouquet demo site. They should not appear in your own site.

    Once you have added Pages to your site, if they are top-level Parent Pages, they will appear in your navigation bar.

    After you have some content you can start to create a Custom Menu. Here's how to create a Custom Menu:

    Another good resource for newbies to is

  10. Okay - I will try to do as you suggest....Thanks again.

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