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i want to stop the "featured image" appearing in the body of the page

  1. whenever i select and upload a "feature image" it not only appears at the top but also appears on the page....i just want the image to appear once, as the "featured image"....please help....

  2. This usually happens when you insert it as well. Just do nothing other than upload it and select it as Featured Image. Then it should only appear once, unless there's a bug in the theme.

  3. thanks for your advice.....maybe it is a glitch? i have tried and tried and it still appears in the main body as well as the featured there another way around this? can i have image hidden or clear when they are in the media gallery? but then selectable as a featured image?

  4. You are using the Gallery feature on that Page and any image you upload to that Page will be included in the Gallery, unless you use "excludes" so it doesn't appear in the Gallery. Once you exclude the image from the Gallery, you can select it as the Featured Image and it will appear as a header on the Page.

    Using excludes in a Gallery is explained here: and a demo showing this here

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