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I want to take part in translation as a translator

  1. My language is Tibetan:

    I am a research and translator officer at Science Department of The Library of Tibetan Works & Archives. I use to translate several books and editing The Tibetan Science Journal. So translation is my profession.

    I also develop web sites in Tibetan Language and promoting the use of the Tibetan Language on web is my keen interest. So I would like to work with wordpress as a translator.

  2. If you just want to translate (i.e. not necessarily validate), you just need to be logged in with your account and suggest away.

    As far as Tibetan (Standard) is concerned, we'll be adding support for it very soon.

  3. Would you be interested in validating suggestions, too?

  4. Tibetan was added, please let me know if you wish to become a validator. Thanks.

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