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I want to take part in translation as a validator

  1. Hi
    My language is Persian.
    If possible, I want to take part in Persian translation as a validator.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I want to join this team as the Indonesian translation validator. I'm not a linguist nor a professional translator, I'm just a wordpress user & blogger and I want wordpress to be better translated. :)

  3. Have you read this announcement?
    A New Translation Platform

  4. @timethief
    Yes I have read it, and that is why I'm here.

    Translations were generally approved by one of us at Automattic, but we can only validate so much as we don’t speak all the languages (we try, though!), so that we now support “validator” profiles on GlotPress, for those users who want to help out in semantic and consistency validation (and not just technical). If you feel this is something you might want to sink your teeth into, please drop us a line in the forums.

  5. @yohanesniko I think Indonesian have an adminstrator for that. Please try to contact Huda Thoriq ( It's better when you're in the same team.

  6. @katemag
    CMIIAW but Huda already has a team consists of three friends(?) of him -- working offline. And they've been doing this .org en-id localization ( project for only god knows how long.

  7. A question to staff:

    How many validators do you actually need to handle each language?
    I'd like to take part but I need to know how it works, first.

    Anyway, I *still* think it would be more awesome if we can have FAQs (and the ToS too? perhaps?) localized too. Every non-English speaker would love that.

  8. @yohanesniko @katemag @babaliciou5 @yellaojrak

    Since WordPress, WordPress MU & share a lot of strings, this is a good attempt to sync them all for consistency.

    I played around with glotpress in my local setup, and I think the only thing validator need to know is how to use the interface . It's pretty easy.

    As the translator of Indonesian version, I think it's better if I take part as a validator for Indonesian, and sync, check, correct, or even export, cut & merge the .po files directly (if given the capability to do so).

    That way, we will be able to improve the translation quality from the core to other part (themes, plugins, & specific strings).

  9. @yohanesniko @katemag @babaliciou5 @yellaojrak

    Hey, why don't we create another specific thread for our language to help the admin sort the validator candidates.

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