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I want to talk about English TV - gimme British blogs!

  1. Where ARE you, other English people? I know you're here somewhere hiding behind all the americans...
    I need someone to have a conversation about Jonathon Creek, Doctor Who, Heston Blumenthal etc with,
    so post your British blogs here!
    And oh what the heck I guess comments from anyone from anywhere would be awesome too :)

    Quick but shameless plug: x

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not British (shame I know). But I know a very good blog by a British fellow that often posts here.

  3. shesboxingclever

    I agree....Pie is a great read.
    There's also who's blog is primarily about Doctor Who, and I'm sure he'd appreciate the conversation.
    Another one of my favorites is It's a collaberation blog between a Brit and an American, I love their little tete a tete's. They may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I'd check them out anyways.

  4. Art & Business of Motion, is a blog dedicated to television branding and design. In fact, we've just posted a few UK stories including breaking news on Doctor Who, the new look for ITV1, Britain's Got Talent 2010, and a whole host of other English (as well as American) television design, advertising, and branding news.

    Please have a visit!

    Art & Business of Motion

  5. British bloggage here...

  6. shesboxingclever i lovvvved Good Teeth Bad Teeth, and falsenews your blog is so up to date and well written, brilliant.

    thanks so much everyone!

  7. @Falsenews: only a British blogger would use the word 'bloggage' and it makes me smile. I like your blog as well - I've bookmarked you.

    As for you, @hibiscus and @SBC... you guys! that means a lot coming from both of you. Me and missquotes have been acquainted since this topic was originally posted.

    I'd also like to read some British blogs, between my American, Canadian and Australian ones, so if this thread keeps going, I'll drop in and have a look.

  8. I'm British, but not living in the UK at the moment. Still manage to get my fix of British telly thanks to the internet so I'm almost certain to blog about it at some point.

  9. I was born in North Ireland but no longer live there. I haven't seen any British TV shows recently except for QI, the quiz show, which I really like. It was on BBC but I'm not sure if it's still on. My blog isn't about the UK but I might as well put it here for reference.

  10. Jeff,

    QI is still on. It just recently finished it's seventh series (or series G).The intention is to do a series focused on each letter of the alphabet, so it should be around for some time.

    Episodes are often uploaded onto youtube if you're interested in tracking down some of the newer ones.

  11. Well, I did finally get round to doing a post about British TV and how disappointing BBC America is.

  12. I read it, Anthony and I made my comment.

    If you love the original BBC you may find it funny and depressing at the same time, but mostly funny. Well done you.

  13. Assiduously blogging the 101 Reasons (and highly probably more) Why You Should Never Work In TV - as seen by a UK TV professional

    WARNING: may contain scenes of MILD PERIL - but absolutely none whatsoever of sexualised (or indeed desexualised) nudity. More's the bloody pity.

    It's still very much in its infancy but the plan is to expand it out to include a TV Crew Survival Guide and specially created short films, as well as interviews, guest posts and advice from my fellow plastic hallway dwellers.

    So since it's about British telly from WITHIN the idiot's lantern I thought it might be of some interest!

    I'm always interested to hear feedback on my writing, both good and bad, so it would be fantastic to hear what you all think.

    PS. Great thread by the way. I'm going to use my (usually non-existent) lunch hour to have a proper trawl through all of the suggestions and then get thoroughly depressed by the sheer quality of the writing

  14. I'm another Brit and my blog is generally about life and the stupid things things that bother me, which can be anything from politics to weetabix.
    Now Jonathan Creek - there is a programme that was amazing!
    I can be found over at

  15. Where are all the Brits you ask. Well I guess most of us are staying at home just now, too ashamed to show our faces because of our national football team's poor performance. Apart from that, I like to watch channel 4 most of the time. I dislike game shows and celeb pandering shows, but channel 4 turns out some great stuff, well worth watching. I also like Family Guy on BBC 3. My blog is not so much a blog as a web page to show off my three books. Have a look at it you may like it.

  16. Cooo eeee!.... *pops head over the fence and waves frantically*
    Another brit here. Yes British TV intrigues me too... I'll be glad when Big Brother is all over... *yawn*
    My blog is not so much about blogging per se, but more about promoting a website that sells gloves'n'stuff. ha ha very british type name.

  17. themoviereport

    Hey there!

    I'm from ol' blighty! Visit me here:

  18. Hurrah, my thread is successful! Thanks for all the posts guys.

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