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I want to totally delete my wordpress site

  1. Hi.
    I'm very sorry, but I don't get used to WP, so I have moved to , but I woould like to delete my wordpress totally, because I can't make my domain , point elsewhere.

  2. I know that this is a destructive topic guys, but it would be really nice if I could get some help with this anyway... Or is it a way that I can ask wordpress to help me?

  3. We Volunteers cannot help you. I flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting for Staff to respond.

  4. I see no domain mapping for - and clicking on the link in your post sends me to a site - your name servers are not pointing to WordPress.COM - they are pointing to - - if you just changed your mapping etc. then it can take a few hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet - take a 72 hour walk as that is the time required at times - you will also be the last person to see the changes -

  5. There are definitely no domain mapping subscriptions or upgrades of any kind under your account.

    If you just want to delete your blog, you can following this guide:

  6. PS: is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this blog.

  7. P.S. That's why I put that tag in the sidebar.

  8. Well, then it seems like I'm getting somewhere, and thanks a lot to everyone who responded. I'm truly grateful! Have a nice day everyone. :-)

  9. You be welcome & good luck

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