How can I translate to a language that isn't currently available?

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    I write my blog in eu-euskera and some words are not translated.
    written by, comment, tagged with, share this, leave a replay,… are written in english and I want to translate them to euskera.

    I visited glotpress page to help with the translation, but there is not euskera section.

    I would translate all the text you need
    Blog url:



    Thanks for your suggestion to translate!

    You can request to add the language in the PolyGlots P2, and then start to translate it on GlotPress.

    See the translations forum for more information.


    I’ve added Basque to the list of supported languages, thanks for helping out. Keep in mind that all suggested strings will need to be validated before they are deployed to the live system, which means we need a validator for Basque, would you be willing to do it?

    I’m also moving this thread to the translations forum, for further discussion. Thanks.



    There is no problem, I can be the validator.

    I have another question, after the validatiton what time wordpress need to update?


    Thanks for helping out, I’ve added you as a validator.

    Strings go live around every 200 validated strings, approximately.



    I think, I have allready translate and validate more then 200 strings, I am sick to see them in wordpress


    They have been deployed twice in the last two days, could you check?




    ံHow about Burmese ?
    I have reopened this and still no reply. Burmese translation on glotpress in over 35 % complete and continue working. But we can’t even see Burmese on the language list. If it is on the progress, I want to know the status.Sorry if this is bothering you.


    Not bothering at all (but it would’ve been better to bump the original thread, instead of hijacking this one). We’re still on it and I’ll let you know when we have a fix.

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