I want to upload from my jump drive.

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    I want it to look exactly the same. It’s 2 pages. Also is there any where I can find basic written instructions with a glossary for the terminology? I am not familiar with all of the jargon. This jumping back and forth is time consuming as well as mind numbing . Just simple written directions – please -I’ll be glad to print them. Nothing personal but why do I have to ask other users ? Don’t these people know how their own site works?

    The blog I need help with is africanamericanheritagesociety.wordpress.com.



    Hi there you can find a glossary in our tutorial for learning how to use WordPressdotcom https://learn.wordpress.com/glossary/

    The full tutorial is located at https://learn.wordpress.com/

    Our support documentation is located at https://en.support.wordpress.com/ and using the search box there will bring up not only relevant support guides but also relevant forum discussions.

    About your question, can you give us some context? What should look exactly the same as what? Thanks.

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