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I want to use my main domain to join wordpress community

  1. khalidalmoulani90

    It is nice to have this interesting features in wordpress, however I got confused.

    I have a 1) and 2)

    I want to use my main domain "" in the wordpress community like the "following, reblogging, likes, and also be found in wordpress blog searches"

    - Does this work with website redirect?
    - or does it happen with adding the domain to wordpress?

    In other words, I want to use wordpress community with my main domain, what should I do? What will I get? What will I lose?

    PS: my main domain is already with (if that was important information)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On the PS, there is no way to have your site in this community. Only sites hosted here at have the features and advantages of this community.

  3. khalidalmoulani90

    Yeah I posted it twice because some autobot told me to use my other domain haha

    and I get it now Thanks for the quick reply

  4. khalidalmoulani90

    What about the redirect site feature though?

    I thought if people click on my it will make them go to my ""

    or are there some issues because redirect will do something with my content as well?

  5. That is to redirect traffic from a blog to another domain/site that is not at (

    It would not connect you to this community or give you any of the unique features here.

  6. khalidalmoulani90

    oh it seem to get clearer now haha

    So what happen if I used my in the community
    and redirected all the traffic to my

    isn't it in other words like being an the community using my wordpress account while all traffic goes to my main website?

  7. khalidalmoulani90

    oh you are right then they will be the issue of the blog posts from my which will not appear in the reader unless I am being followed

  8. If staff think your blog here is solely for the purpose of redirecting traffic to your site while gaining the benefits of being hosted here, they will suspend it. I've seen it happen dozens of times.

  9. khalidalmoulani90

    ohhh I didn't know that I thought paying the $13 a year will make me have the freedom to enjoy the community and also redirect people to my self hosted domain without any problem.

    I get it now thanks Sacred and Rain.

    I should just move away and work on marketing my self hosted domain instead :)

  10. The Terms of Service are way different here than on a self hosted site - much more strict

  11. khalidalmoulani90

    anyway thanks all for the help :)


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