I want to widen my images to 1024

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    When I change the image size from 950 to 1024, the images are still the same size of 950. I use modularity lite. Here is my site. http://spiderpaw.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is spiderpaw.wordpress.com.


    I don’t see that you have the custom design upgrade to modify the CSS.

    Go to settings > media and set the “large” image size to 1024 on both height and width and then use that size to insert into your posts and pages and see if that does the trick. Portrait image typically will come in narrower than the full-width of the posting area by default.



    I do have the custom design upgrade and I tried your suggestion, but unfortunately, it does not work.


    Ok, I didn’t check, but the theme you are using has a maximum content width of 950px. To make it wider to accept 1024 width add the following:

    .container {
    width: 1064px;

    In the “video/image maximum width field below the CSS edit window, change that number to 1024.

    You will then have to delete and reinsert the images in your posts/pages and make sure and select “full-size” when inserting them.



    I think that is it. Thanks so much for your help.


    You are welcome.

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