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I was added as 'Validator' in Bengali, but it is not working

  1. Dear Moderators,

    Thank you for reading my post.
    Few months back, I was selected as 'validator' for my mother tongue 'Bengali'. It was a really pleasure for me, as I found that I can work with wordpress and for my language at the same time.

    I know from the discussion link given below:

    Today I found that 'mahmudfaisal' is not working as 'validator'. All I made changes in translations are taken as waiting...

    Moderator "vanillalounge"-- would you please look into it?

    thanks again for reading the post.

    -- mahmudfaisal
    (same username both in and

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @mahmudfaisal
    G'day to you. I'm replying simply to bump this up to the front page of the forum where vanill slounge can find it. I'm also flagging the thread so it gets Staff attention. I apologize for you having to wait so long.

  3. I think Vanillalounge is taking a deserved rest. I don't know about Nikolay, I cannot understand anything on his blog.
    Anyhow, latest translations to my language was deployed quickly.
    A few months ago wasn't the same, there was a lot of strings without being deployed. But, sooner or later, deploy comes.
    I wish you good luck claiming attention for Bengali

  4. @ timethief

    Thank you a lot for replying to my post... I have been checking it after posting expecting if someone replies ... sadly, may be they all are busy.

    @ ludusnaturae

    Vanillalounge taking rest? okay, then I will wait till he comes and do something for me :-)
    Its nice to hear that latest translation of your language were deployed quickly. But Bengali is still neglected... :-(
    Some people are trying to improve now-a-days and I am here in full attention to do something for it-- as much as I can.

    thanks again for your replies...

    and waiting for a "MODERATOR TOUCH" :-)

  5. I see that mahmudfaisal is listed as a validator for Bengali on .com, but not on .org (meghdut and sajidm are the current validators). Could that be the problem?

  6. @ vanillalounge

    Thank You for your reply....

    I think it could be a problem. I had worked for Bengali translation and told previously that I added nearly 1000 strings. I was absent in it for my undergrad final exams.

    Now I am back and couldn't find the proper authority (that I was given as 'validator' by you). Don't know why I am not getting the actual authoritative power to approve and contribute Bengali strings for translation.

    Thank you once again and would you please take necessary steps to fix it?
    Best regards.

  7. Just making sure: we're still talking about .org, correct?

  8. Yes dear moderator! I think we do. We are talking about .org :-)

    Thanks and best regards :-)

  9. Since this is .org, could you post a request for validator access on the wp-polyglots mailing list, so that the existing validators can be made aware of it? Thanks.

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