I was late in updating my domain and someone took it?

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    I owned the website http://www.drakrub.com for my clothing company. I was overseas for several months on other company business and while I was over there my domain name expired (it completely slipped my mind). I came back and logged in. Everything was still there but when I looked at the site, it has a site selling acutane and male performance pills.

    Thinking that this was just a temporary page that wp put up (because who would want the website to my small clothing company) I paid the $10 to re-register it. I have not gotten any control over the home page and have lost my gmail account ((email redacted)).

    Is this something that I will have to deal with since I did not register it in time? In that case can I get back my money for trying to re-register the domain name?

    The site is http://www.drakrub.com.

    Thank you in advance.


    The blog I need help with is drakrub.com.



    You will have to contact staff directly ASSUMING your blog was actually hosted at WordPress.com. If it was, then you will be able to get your upgrade back.




    I did all of my registering through wordpress the original time.




    Where did you log in through to see your stuff? WordPress.com? WordPress.org? Some other site (godaady.com)?

    How long ago did you let the website expire?

    According to a whois search, the website you listed (www.drakrub.com) is registered to:
    Hashlog Ltd

    306 Victoria House
    Victoria, Mahe –

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: DRAKRUB.COM
    Created on: 16-Apr-08
    Expires on: 16-Apr-10
    Last Updated on: 02-Jun-09

    If this isn’t you than you did not register this this URL. You might have paid for your hosting, but you might have lost your domain name.


    His domain registration of that domain name which had been registered through wordpress.COM had lapsed.



    I would always log in through wordpress.com. The website was expired for about a month before I tried to renew it.

    That address from the whois is not me. I’m assuming that some company bought the name when mine expired.

    In terms of paying wordpress, I was looking at my receipt from paypal and the receipt code is “renew_map_26276″…can I change the address to lets say drakrubapparel.com?

    If I can, how do I do that?



    If you contact support staff they’ll do their best to help you out:


    Please note that we have no control over expired domains – that’s all controlled by ICANN and the domain registrars, and they don’t let us do anything to recover a domain once it’s expired.

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