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i went to with bluehost

  1. Nobody told me I had to move servers.. I thought you all were the same. I don't know how the menus are not the same from some of the tutorials I have read and I am totally confused, can someone please help me?

    My blog looks like crap at the temp site as they call it, even though I got my them set back up and customized I have lost all my widgets, and image widgets are not standard at Passwords, pin numbers admin... who knows what to type in.

    Blue host says I have to call to get support on how to re-direct the server, I saw tuts but they are not the same as what I see on my screen.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. why doesn't have a support number?

  3. how do I tag the wordpress support???

  4. What do you want to do exactly? We cannot help with a bluehost hosted blog. If what you want is to export your content here, you can do that from your Tools page. You can redirect the domain following these instructions:

  5. I need an EPP code... where do I get that?

  6. You are probably better off at the site. Now you are no longer hosted at the ".com" users here will not be able to help you.

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