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I will kill myself if I can't start blogging again soon

  1. This is absolutely ridiculous! I have contacted support several times in the past few days. I have posted in the forums. NOBODY HAS DONE ANYTHING! I continue to log in and see this stupid warning about the "content of my blog." I don't know what the problem is, but I took the initiative to delete posts that I thought were of potential conflict and NOTHING. NO CONTACT. NO EXPLANATION!!! I'm outraged. All I want is my blog back. I just want to write my stories. I spend all day in classes doing junk I don't care about and I just wanna go home and blog and I can't FOR NO REASON!!! Somebody please help me. The support here is pathetic. Just reinstate my blogging privileges, tell me what the issue was so I can avoid it in the future, and let me be. I'm gonna breakdown over this.

  2. you talk about this blog?

  3. yes, I can't post anything. I was blogging at 2 am sunday night and they just cut me off. I am going insane.

  4. how do you sent the support mails? from your dashboard, or from your addressbook? i heard often they react faster for support mails over the dashboard.

  5. from both, several times. I hope someone sees this and takes care of this soon.

  6. Newborn, please - It's understandable that you're frustrated and upset, but that kind of headline is so inappropriate.

    I wish I could help you get this sorted out.

  7. Yea, but I also really feel that way. I'm so attached to this thing and its been taken away from me for no good reason and support hasn't offered a bit of assistance.

  8. If you really feel that way, then you need to take a step back for a bit.

    I thought I read in your other thread about this that there were links to illegal downloading- is that correct? If so, then it was for a good reason they stopped you from posting.

    But you're right. If you've removed the links then they should lift the restriction.

  9. You are also incorrect. If you see your previous thread on exactly the same issue you will see that Mark has restored your ability to post. I read that message yesterday.

    Thank you for deleting the post with the illegal download links.
    If you post illegal material then we do stop more posting until the material is removed.
    We don't do this for no reason........

    So, are you dead yet?

  10. The restriction was lifted some time ago.

  11. Somebody please help me, I suffered to same thing with newbornrodeo. If there is an illegal links in my blog, how could I remove it? I don't what links are restricted.

    P L E A S E !!!!!!!!



  13. @z03r4
    You’ll need to contact support for this matter.

  14. I've contacted support. But until now I didn't get any advice.
    I wonder which one of post does contain a restricted link or such in my blog.
    Would you please Key Master help me for this matter? Thanks

  15. Please remove all the paid content from your blog.
    That is all paid links, affiliate links, referral links or any other way of saying it.
    The blog will not work properly until that happens and it has been checked.

  16. And narconon paid content? Sheesh...

  17. Is narconon link restricted? Uh, I don't know....
    Sorry, I'll remove it ASAP. Thanks, Mark... :)

  18. Narconon is a Scientology paid program.

  19. I've deleted my post about narconon rehabilitation program, but I still can't blogging guyz.
    What should I do?

  20. rain - yep, they must be getting desperate.

  21. Oh, Mark. I've deleted that post, but I still can't blogging yet?
    I need your advice, please.... Help me.


    Payday loans, CD rates, online store. It all needs to go along with others not on the front page.

    We do not allow payperpost, sponsoredreviews, reviewme, smorty or any other variant.

  23. hey halo and hi

  24. Howdy hi, bitches!

  25. May I laugh?

  26. Mark, now my blog's suspended. You see, I'd like to remove all paid reviews in my blog but I can't since it's been suspended now. Would you please help me, please bring my blog back and soonly I shall remove all paid contents at my blog. Please, I pray you.

    Thanks a lot

  27. @z03r4
    I’m sorry there is nothing the talented forum volunteers can do to help
    you with this matter. You’ll need to contact support for this matter.

  28. While you're making changes, please change the link on your username: there is no point in having a link to a Blogspot blog here at the technical help forums.

  29. z03r4 - here is what normally happens so why we suspend.
    Blogs get found with paid content and we ask that it is removed. The blogger says yes, no problem so we remove the warnings. When we check that day or the day later we find the content still there - so we email. We have been told that they are on holiday so cannot get to the blog, that they have family business to attend to or that they are not actually connected to the internet so please can the blog stay as it is until they can get back to it. Oddly enough this period of time coincides with the length of time an ad needs to stay in place to earn money.
    Now, while it may be genuine what we cannot do is allow this to happen. If we did then you create a blog, fill it with paid content, say you are ill / on holiday / trapped under a rock and when that blog stays you get another. And another. This completely defeats the point of saying we do not allow paid content.

    You posted 5 times in 69 minutes then I posted the link and reason. At that point you stopped posting. So later that day with no post to Support and no change on the blog it was suspended.

    I am not saying you would have done the above but I needed to explain why we do what was done.

    Please contact Support.

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