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I will put you danm low clouds

  1. When I put you up higher , you don't want, well I have to bring you down to level ( 1 ) One ! that way anybody can pool , trick you or cheating you but you never know it , when you found out , it is too late, you are already dig a hole :) :)

    So you want One - I wll put you exactly level One ( 1 ) back to the way we were before :) :) all gold towns sold to foriegners , illigal immigration :) !!!!

    Simple & short

  2. How about you put yourself back offline?

  3. Hehehh ! hell knows my love !! I am sicken tired of writing to these weirdos who don't understand a word I said, they only understand how to chop and kill that is it ..other then that ????

  4. This is a support forum for bloggers hosted at, head over to facebook.


    Call the exorcist or something.

    It's like a phone conversation with William S. Burroughs, only if Burroughs were not only drunk and high but also really, really dim, too.

  6. I'm calling GhostBusters!

    (You know, by my last count, there are about 9 active moderators/staff/key masters around.)

  7. Well, that was interesting. Modlook tag removed and thread moved from support to offtopic rather than being deleted? Hm....

  8. You go those curious streets.

    1 (one) time in life just for in. Take people see amazing thing glow. What? Why because? Domestic beer spills face over cheese.


    This, folks, is why it's important to put the 4-foot water bong down inbetween hits and wait a good 10 minutes or so before starting a discussion thread.

    But of course, we've seen such poetic greatness before:

  9. We've gone from street to clouds. Welcome to upward mobility.

    I think moving it to Off Topic is an indication that the powers that be have respect for the comic genius inherent in this madness. It's rare we get something more entertaining than Penguin trying to drum up hits or some stumblebum trying to paste javascript or spam timeshares or something.

  10. g*ds-kstafford, my head is now reeling from bad Chinglish (that's not</stong> an oxymoron btw) Glad to know our mods got RESPECT. Will probably confuse the poster none-the-less. :->

  11. HA HA-another sign I need to go find a bigger rock to hide under today. Sorry for the unclosed ...wait a IS closed?

  12. Found in reply to another of tongthong's comments (in another thread):

    raincoaster: Do you just cut up newspapers and pull the words at random? How effective is that?

    fracas: Bwahahahaha

  13. While re-reading the original post, I find myself imagining "Travis" from Taxi Driver standing in front of the mirror reciting those words as if they were epic. Quite scary. I've alreted Jodi Foster.

  14. Justjennifer - "

    I'm calling GhostBusters!

    (You know, by my last count, there are about 9 active moderators/staff/key masters around.)

    Aim for the flat top!

  15. You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here.

  16. Here come the weekend fever, folks!
    Take cover ! ! !

  17. If it isn't upgrades, it's spammers.


  19. there once was a poet named tongthong
    He had in his heart a song song.
    he'll take you up higher
    cauze he ain't no liar
    he sounds like hes smoking from a bong bong.

    simpleton, short.

  20. *giggles maniacally*

  21. @dlager -

    brilliant! I love limericks so much.

  22. Putting her hands together for dlager-Bravo.a!

  23. thanks. If i could only use my powers for the purposes of good.

  24. ..then the middle east would be an oasis of calm. ;-)

  25. This is the funniest thing i've seen on wordpress so far.

  26. Then you've missed the good ones.

  27. Thats cause "The Man" deletes the good ones.

  28. dlager - don't know how I missed that - but that was a poem of epic and utter brilliance. I tip my hat to you. Well done!

  29. There once was a tongthong in sing sing
    who could make his song rise on a bird's wing
    but to take you up higher
    ['cause he was only a trier]
    the bong bong would need be the real thing

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