I wish to recreate my wordpress.com blog using my domain name.

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    I created a blog last year on wordpress.com. Later I moved my blog to wordpress.org so I could have advertisements.

    Now I want to “reopen” my blog on wp.com and use it to promote my website on wp.org. BUT!!! wp.com says I cannot use my domain name because it is already being used!! Of course it is being used, it’s MINE!!!

    How can I create my blog using my domain MYNEIGHBORSSHOES.WORDPRESS.COM? In my wp.com Dashboard, it states that my domain is mine, but “it” won’t let me recreate my blog.

    Help. Ellen Henegar
    (email redacted)
    Blog url:



    Hi Ellen,

    You deleted the blog myneighborsshoes.wordpress.com last year.

    When you deleted it, you agreed to the following:

    I want to permanently remove myneighborsshoes.wordpress.com and I am aware I can never get its content or its URL back.

    That blog address cannot be reused by anyone.



    Hi, Telly, I do remember some of what you said, at least the part about not being able to get back the content. On my personal settings page, it still says that my web address is …
    http://myneighborsshoes.com. So it is a bit confusing. What if I changed the domain name in a minor way so that it resembles the domain on my website (on wp.org), but it is different only slightly?

    Out of curiosity, why can I not use my original domain name? I did not think I would come back to wp.com, but now I find the need to use a wp.com blog to promote my website. It would have been helpful if I could have used the same domain as before. What is the reasoning behind wp.com’s policy?

    Thank you, Ellen Henegar.



    You deleted the blog, and you can’t get it back. Allowing that kind of thing would only lead to unmanegable drama. Create a different domain for your WP.com blog.

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