I wish WordPress free themes were more customizable.

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    I think it’s a shame that I have to pay 30 freaking dollars, not 20, not 10, not 5, but 30!!! just to add whatever colors I want to my blog. I mean, SERIOUSLY? I mean this is something I should be able to do for FREE!!!! Why are wp themes so STIFF. I don’t want to go to another blog site because wp has nice widgets and layout but when it comes to making the blog my own, adding own colors, etc, it’s a pain in the butt. I have to pay for “custom”. And it’s not even cheap, they want 30 dollars from my pocket. Not even 15? or something… Well I’m done raging.. I hope wp get’s better with time..and have MORE themes. I get all happy when they add a new theme lol.

    The blog I need help with is vidaconstyle.wordpress.com.



    I completely agree with you. WOrdpress might be modular and easy to use and awesome if you are going to move to a stand-alone wp site. But I wont even bother creating a Blog on WordPress because themes are so riddiculously limited. OFC they should allow installation of custom theme files. Ill go with tumblr instead, they at least got that part right. Customization is everything when it comes to a blog.



    I have blogged here for over 6 years and it you think you need to have a premium theme or a customizable theme in order to establish and maintain a successful blog then you are wrong. I suggest you focus on content creation. Unique content that cannot be found elsewhere is a sure way to attract traffic and that leads to success.



    You do not understand the way WP.com works if you think that this is an option. Because our blogs here share their underlying core files, if you changed something on your theme, it would change it for everyone else on that theme. If you want to customize a theme for free, you want independent hosting and software from WordPress.org. Of course, then you’re responsible for all your own tech support and security.


    i am so impressed with the wonderful design and styling that some people incorporate into their wordpress.com themes. I don’t think it is easy but some creative people here do some amazing things even within the constraints. I take my hat off to them.


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    The themes introduced in the last 1 1/2 to 2 years are very customizable for free: many have background images, variable headers, sliders, and customizable colors. You can do many things to make a theme your own without buying any upgrades. You have to access your basic creativity to do it. In addition you can also use your wallet.

    As timethief said,

    If you think you need to have a premium theme or a customizable theme in order to establish and maintain a successful blog then you are wrong.

    Focus on your content.


    +1 to everything @timethief wrote. Excellent viewpoint.

    To answer the original concern raised by @vidalyricsl, the best, most sincere answer I can give you is that not every theme is for everyone.

    Our customization tools (Colors, Fonts, Custom CSS, etc.) and premium themes are extra steps that you can take to even further dive into making your blog more awesome, but they are not required in the least. We have a TON of free themes that, out of the box, are ridiculously nice, and we want them to just work on activation.

    Death to options panels with 1,000 switches; death to making you work an hour just to make your site look like the demo. With every new theme we’re launching, it’s all about making sure that you’re given something that you expect to get. Some call it stiff. I call it meeting expectations.

    The upgrades are awesome; I spend a great deal of my waking hours wrangling premium themes on WordPress.com and love it. I also spend a ton of time with our custom tools making sure they work well with our themes. But to say that you absolutely need them to have a great blog would be a lie.

    Write, keep writing, and keep tinkering with your blog. If it gets to a point where you want more control (and bells and whistles), purchase an upgrade or a premium theme (including direct support from the developers of the themes). If it then gets to a point where you want even more control, go self-hosted to WordPress.org.

    Keep the feedback coming, gang. I, for one, really appreciate it.

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