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I wonder..

  1. Well, I guess the question I wanted to ask was about everyone's blogs, who are just getting off the ground, or more experienced..

    If you many views did you get in your first few days or so?

    Just wondering so I know if my views are normal or I should be shooting for more..

    And I understand there isn't a set amount of views, just wonderinggg!!!

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    The blog I need help with is

  2. stats reflect page views. The number of page views blogs get vary from blog to blog and from niche to niche so there's no "actual" value in comparisons of eggplants to donkey's to emeralds now is there?

  3. I was just wanting to get a feel for who ever wanted to tell me their stats.. I understand how to find my own stats thanks!


  4. My first month, I had on average 5 views a day. It shot up once I started posting on the forums.

  5. The first few days I didn't get any at all. It varies day to day though and don't get discouraged at first!

  6. i get around 5 or 7 a day. in the first few weeks i didn't have any. don't worry you'll get there!

  7. thanks for the encouragement guys!

  8. It's great to see you in the forums, putting you and your blog out in the big WWW. You'll get the views soon enough. Shoot more for the comments though! You'll learn they are MUCH more satisfying than view count!

  9. 930 views and I think I started in November? Not exactly sure. I just found the view stats for the first time this week. I didn't even know they existed. Have fun-

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