I wonder what joynmsu meant be this?

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    “Also, @mrbisogno, you don’t look to be a WordPress.com blogger? Your profile takes me to a site that isn’t hosted on WordPress.com. So, if that’s the case, your site isn’t capable of being featured on Freshly Pressed.”

    I have been blogging about a year and don’t have the time to blog more than once or twice a week. I’m definitely not an expert so I’m not sure what Joy meant by the above statement. By my profile, did she mean my About Page? I wanted viewers to be able to see larger images than I could put on my blog so I have a link on each post that goes to a larger image on my web site, http://www.fotografia-LA.com. Could this be what she means? Is this hurting my blog? If so, is there another way to do it? Thanks.

    My last forum post was closed for some reason so I’m starting another one.

    The blog I need help with is blogbisogno.wordpress.com.


    Yes, your username is linked to this site: http://www.fotografia-LA.com/ . That is what joynmsu was talking about – which is fine to link your username to another site. In the future though, when asking questions in the forums here about your .COM blog, include a link to that blog with your question so that we can get to it easily. In the bulk of cases, we need to see the blog in order to be able to help. The other reason we ask for a link is to make sure you are in the right forum. At times, nearly half the questions posted in this forum are from people with self-hosted blogs who should be over at the wordpress.ORG forums. When we have a link to the site right up front, then we can quickly get those people over to the correct forum so they can get their answers.



    Sorry. I thought that http://blog-bisogno.com would automatically show up. I will include it next time.

    If it is ok to link your user name to another site, why would this make me not capable of being featured on freshly pressed?

    How do I change the site that my user name is linked to? Should it be linked to my blog?

    Thanks for the help.


    Yeah, that is a logical assumption. I expect staff doesn’t post it with the question for privacy reasons. There are some that don’t want links to their blogs posted anywhere.

    There isn’t any reason to change the site linked to your username if you do not want to. If that is the site you want connected to your username when you comment on other .COM blogs, then just leave it as it is.

    If you decide to change it, go to users > personal settings and it is in the “account details” section at the bottom of that page (website).



    I decided to change it. Thanks again for the info.


    You’re welcome.

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