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i would like a multilanguage blog

  1. Hi
    I am quite new of this forum...
    I wolud like to know if there is the availability to create a key to switch from the italian page to english or german page of my blog?
    i do not need translating plugin, i can do the translation. I need to know if there is the possibility to have a switcher in my blog, or website., so that customers can choose the language of the blog/website.
    but only switcher not translater

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    We cannot have a language "switcher" on blogs. We can set only one interface language for our blogs here > Settings > General
    You can have 2 or more blogs in 2 different languages, of course, but we have don't support automatic translations between them. You'd need to write a blog post in the two or more languages and then post to each blog (or post the versions of the entry on the same blog, make each language category, create a custom menu and add the categories pages to it).

  3. I also have this issue, but on the homepage all the language are mixed up...
    It would be great for SEO nd for readers to have a category in homepage and permalinks category based

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