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I would like a REFUND please.

  1. tumainicarayol

    Sorry, but it has been a few days now so I'm just going to keep on asking until someone helps me. Maybe caps lock will help? I was told someone would contact me, but still nothing.


    While trying to sort out an altogether different domain issue, I was misled into renewing my domain mapping. It said "Status: Expired on July 10, 2013. This upgrade expired on July 10, 2013" despite the fact I already had renewed it until July 10th 2014. So now it is renewed until 2015.

    I would like a refund, however the regular refund link doesn't work...


    I should add the actual issue I'm having since I understand the problem now but have no solution. I renewed Domain Mapping at the start of the month when prompted but, unlike with previous years, I received no warning that my actual domain needed renewing. On the 27th, the primary link I use ( just immediately went down.

    I've searched around the store area for a way to renew this domain but it's still listed here as if it's still a working domain, so there's no way to renew it. However when I go to Domain Administration -> Manage Your Domains and then log into Automattic, it says I currently own 0 domains and the entire page shows no log of any domain. What should I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you need to be logged in as the EXACT account / user to renew any upgrades - is there another account that you might have used to purchase the upgrade?

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