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I would like embedded videos.

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm the editor of The Xbox and I post a lot of game videos on my blog. has a lot of great videos and other game bloggers plus myself would like to embed these videos unto our blogs. Maybe someone from the WP staff can check it out and see if it's possible. Thanks for reading


  2. Best bet would be to submit a feedback and suggest this to staff with the reasons why you would like to see this feature added.

    Does allow for offsite embeding?

  3. Yes, it does allow embeding

  4. I'm in agreement to that. Anything from or is nice as it's usually better quality than youtube.

  5. Apologies for the bump, but I'd like to second this as well. GameTrailers and GameVideos are the two most important video sites for gaming blogs.

  6. nuclearlaunchdetected

    As a gaming site owner I'd definitely be interested in GameTrailers and GameVideos embedding too.

  7. All of you must send in a feedback to staff with a link to the feature you want and including the reasons you want it. Staff make this decision on new features to be introduced and staff also make the decision on priorities when it comes to order of their introduction.

  8. If it's important to you 1) reading the thread that you post in and 2) doing what's suggested is usually the best method of showing your support. :)

  9. there is a plugin now which allows embedding of gametrailers videos in your wordpress blog posts! check out this

  10. That's nice but the plugin is for software and our software is different. We do not have plugins here.

  11. Yeah I would like to have embedded Gametrailers videos, too.

  12. thistimethisspace

    @ mrreynolds and @jack...
    Don't forget to send in a feedback listing your reasons for asking for this feature.

  13. Yeah i didn't forget that. Just wrote a couple of hours ago to the support on

  14. well I tried embedding a video and it didn't work. Obviously hasn't incorporated this feature yet?

    Is there any new news about this request?



  15. I would also like support as well. :-)

  16. Follow the request proceedures above if you want a new feature enabled.

    If it's not on the list of enabled video features in the FAQ, it's not enabled. The news comes out as WP announcements and will be on your dashboard if and when it happens. If the announcement never happens, it is because the enablement never happened.

  17. We definitely need gametrailers embedding allowed.

  18. any solutions?

  19. You will need to submit feedback to staff to ask for this request.

    I'm sure if staff choose to implement it they will announce it.

  20. but the support is OFF

    "Support Temporarily Closed
    Support is currently closed.

    Please feel free to browse the FAQ."

    Can anyone gives me the support email?


  21. Support is open from 9am-5pm PST mon - fri.

    Staff have mentioned that they prefer receiving support/feedback via the form on the top right of the Dashboard during support hours.

  22. > any solutions?

    making feedback request is a kind of moot in this case. nag Gametrailers for a 'fauxml' plugin or/and a deal w/ automattic.


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