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I would like to know why the changes to the commenting system have happened?

  1. Can I add my voice to the request to do something about this commenting change. I am now spending ages going through my loyal readers comments and manually editing their logins so that when other readers click on their names it goes to their blogs as it always used to do. Why have you done this? I really don't understand. It makes a nonsense of my commenting preferences set up and I really wish you would do something to put it back the way it was before, or are you actively trying to discourage non wordpress bloggers from commenting on wordpress blogs? I really don't understand why you would do this. Best wishes, Joanna
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  2. The username of a commenter links to the blog or site that they filled into the 'Website' field of their Personal Settings. This is the URL that will be linked to your username when leaving comments on blogs. Please note that this is stored at the time of the comment, so if you do update this, it will not affect past comments (only those made in the future).

  3. This doesn't answer my concerns. I am having to update and change, the username, and the url for my commenters manually, they can not comment without logging in as wordpress has done something that associates their email addresses with something else, dead wordpress blogs or something. Most of my commenters either don't notice it, or give up and don't comment if they are coming from outside wordpress. It is utterly frustrating and a huge waste of my time to have to edit them, I do it because I respect the people who take the trouble to comment, regardless of whether they are wp bloggers or blogspot bloggers or anyone else for that matter. I don't understand why you have done this. It all worked fine before. regards, Joanna

  4. If a user attempts to comment with an email address linked to a account, they will need to log in first. The notice regarding this is pretty clear when they attempt to comment.

    If they forgot their password, they can always click the "Forgot Password" link to request a new one.

  5. The resilt of all this is that people are now going to log in with non valid emails in order ti be able to work round this. Can you advise my readers hiw to disassociate an email address from WordPress so they can carry on as before?

  6. They would need to log in to and remove their email address from the account.

  7. I can't speak for other people and their experience of trying to do this, but if the comments on my blog today are anything to go by, we are not finding it very easy. Is there a step by step for doing this? I tried, as an experiment, just now, logging out of WordPress and attempting to comment on my own blog using another email address. I got a message saying that the email address I wanted to use 'belongs to an account you are not currently logged into' I therefore attempted to login, I had no password, so I said I have forgotten and requested a new one. I then got an error message saying "There is no user registered with that email address."
    How am I to sort this out and remove this other email address from WordPress if I can't login or get a new password? There is something not right here... I do hope you can help so I can help my readers too. We are a bit baffled right now. thanks for any help, Joanna

  8. If you're running into that, it's possible the email address is tied to a Gravatar account instead.

    You can check to see which account by logging in with the email address at and Gravatar accounts are one and the same, so you'll need to log in to with the account that "owns" that email address.

    We're working on making this step clearer.

  9. I have just visited gravatar and this is about as clear as mud.

    I can find nothing that says which email addresses are associated with my gravatar account there. I logged out , then I logged in with the other email address and gravatar has clearly linked email no 2 to my main email address and has now sent a verify password reset to email no 1 which I didn't log in with this time. So how do I disassociate email address no 2 from Gravatar or WordPress? I really am not trying to be difficult here, but I haven't got a clue what to do. Maybe we should continue this discussion by email?

  10. You should be able to remove the email address right from your Gravatar settings.

    If you'd like to continue via email, head back to and file a Private request if prompted.

  11. Thank you I have filed a Private request.

  12. You're welcome! We'll reply via email as soon as we can.

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