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I would like to make my blog wider. Any help please?

  1. Hi there, I've just set up and started a blog and I would like to make it wider, so the pictures, particularly the landscape images, can appear a bit bigger on the page.

    Can anyone offer me any help or advise please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you have a custom design upgrade and is this a CSS editing question?

  3. Than's for your reply.

    I don't have a custom design upgrade no. But I can get it. Will I need to in order to make the width change?

    I suppose it would then be a CSS editing question. I know nothing about CSS though! Would it be easy enough to do? Or do you think I'd be out of my depth?

  4. Yes, to change the width you will need the Custom Design upgrade. We can help you with widening your theme.

  5. Or you can simply use a wider theme. See here (including the "Remarks" column):
    And here (for themes with bottom widgets only or themes in which the sidebar is optional):

  6. Thank you, I'll see how I get on for now, and may get back to you later if I decide to upgrade.

    Thanks again for the support

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