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I would like to map my domain again please help!

  1. Hi I cancelled my domain name yesterday after purchasing it, but realized I actually needed it! I thought I would be able to cancel it and buy it from "godaddy" so that I can use, instead nothing worked out!

    I need to be able to get my domain name "" back, can someone please help me do that?

    It says whenever I try to buy the domain name from wordpress, that it's on its servers and I have to contact them to re map it..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just need to map my domain back to me, and then change the DNS to a different host!

    Someone please help! Can I undo the cancellation that done today!

  3. I flagged this thread for Staff intervention.

  4. Thanks!

    Here are the domain maps that I'd like for it to be pointed at! Is it possible to have that domain name (that I recently cancelled and would like to undo) onto so I could add plugins?


  5. Can someone answer to one of them?

    There's 2 different issues!

    I just need the website to be working again :(

  6. Read the instructions you were given in the other thread

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