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I would like to post my Tweets and have followed these steps


    My RSS feed is: feed://

    What could be the problem? I did just join Twitter last night, does that have something to do w/ it?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sometimes, Twitter is off for maintenance. Just enter all the information, and your tweets should be showing up on your blog within about 1 hour.

  3. I did it last night, and then redid it again this morning. Still nothing. should I dink around with the settings like "display item content"?

  4. Are your tweets protected?

  5. No, they are not. I just double checked.

  6. Well, the feed looks okay to me. But without the (not working) RSS widget in your sidebar, I can't see what might be the problem. Could you put it back so we can take a look? You will need to not Display Item Content, if I recall, because the title of the tweet and the tweet itself are the same thing, so you get each thing posted twice.

  7. I never took it away. It's just never shown up!

    I've got the feed in the RSS box, I've got a feed title "Twitter" (I've taken it out and that doesn't seem to matter), I unchecked the box for "display item content" but left the other two checked.
    Not sure what else to do.

    clicked done and then save.

  8. Try clicking the box for Display Item Content then. And do put the title in.

  9. I have NONE of those boxes checked, and mine works. I'm assuming you clicked Done and then at the bottom of the page you clicked Save Changes. How many items did you set it to show? I have three.

  10. I changed it to three,

    I always click done and save.

    have tried every configuration of boxes being checked and not checked. I do have the title "Twitter" in there.

    I just can't figure it out. :-(

    But thanks for your help!

  11. Raincoaster....just looked at your blog. I want the twitter thang you got!! Boo Hoo....

  12. I'm looking at your blog, and I can't see the widget at all. If the title is in there, at least the title should show up! I can't figure this out.


    You're using the wrong link for the feed.

    I'm using

    You're using feed://

    See the difference? Start with http://

  13. Doing the Raincoaster dance!! Thank you! I knew it had to be something simple, but I wasn't going to figure it out, LOL.

    My content doesn't look at sleek as yours when posted, but I am so happy to have the twitter link, thanks so much!!

    Love you guys, you're always so helpful :-)

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